Training sessions for PR/Communications Department of Georgia’s State Chancellery


During March 7-9, training sessions will be held for to the PR/Communications Department of Georgia’s State Chancellery and representatives of the PR departments of all the Ministries of Georgia. The event, as a part of USAID Good Governance in Georgia (G3) program, is being staged by a consortium led by PMCG with the consultants of Gepra, in order to develop a framework for a new PR/Communications platform with a focus on making improvements to the department’s internal and external communications mechanisms.

The objective of the project is to provide assistance to the PR/Communications Department of Georgia’s State Chancellery, in order to strengthen its institutional operations and systems in the context of cross-governmental communication as well as communication with the citizens and stakeholders.

The three-day training for up to 45 participants from the State Chancellery and other GoG institutions covers the following topics:

  • Public Relations of public institutions
  • News generation and distribution system in public institutions
  • Media relations and media events
  • Internet communications of public institutions
  • Using new media in public outreach
  • Direct communication tools for public communication
  • Planning and implementing town hall meetings with target groups
  • Communication crisis management of public institutions
  • Corporate PR of public institutions and cross-governmental communication
  • Evaluation and monitoring of PR and public outreach

The project team provides open discussions, group work and brainstorming to plan entire PR campaigns using a template, which will be presented on the last day of training by the representatives of the PR/Communications Department of Georgia’s State Chancellery. Monitoring and evaluation tools for each campaign are also to be applied on the last day of training.

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