The PMCG is undertaking business analysis for the TAM AIR airlines


A group of consultants from PMCG is undertaking business analysis for TAM AIR airlines in order to prepare the company’s business development strategy.

The project was recently approved by the EBRD’s BAS program and awarded a grant in the amount of EUR 9000. PMCG and TAM AIR airlines intend to apply for the EBRD’s TAM (TurnAround Management) program as the next step for the company’s management to acquire new business skills and receive hands on assistance from the industry specific management experts. It is expected that an advisor will be appointed in October 2008 to work with management of TAM AIR airlines for 18 months on a peripatetic base.

The BAS Program, administered by the TurnAround Management and Business Advisory Services Program Team at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, has been established in order to assist the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. The BAS Program has gained considerable experience in providing practical business advice in many countries, and BAS Programs have had a broad impact on developing the critical SME sector supporting over 3,000 advisory projects with enterprise clients so far.

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