The First Steps Towards Construction Permits Streamlining in Afghanistan



On 9-15 May, the PMCG team visited Afghanistan under the International Finance Corporation (IFC) funded construction permit (CP) project.

During an onsite visit, all necessary information was obtained from their Afghan counterparts to draw up process maps, illustrating the current CP process in the Kabul Municipality. Information was gathered through interviews with all government stakeholders, participating in construction permits and private sector representatives.

Based on the findings of the onsite visit and analyses of existing process maps, PMCG will give recommendations to the IFC Project team to provide effective technical assistance to the Kabul Municipality in the reform process.

The visit was held as part of PMCG’s contract with the IFC to implement this CP reform project in Kabul, Afghanistan.

“PMCG is working to adapt successful Georgian reforms in the construction permitting system to Afghan reality. This should not be a mechanical replication and our consultants are assessing the existing situation in Kabul to suggest detailed recommendations which should be very practical and achievable,” explains Mr. Zaza Broladze, Deputy CEO at PMCG.


Please visit the link below to get more detailed information about the project:

Afghanistan Construction Permits Reform Project – Business Process re-engineering

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