Nutsa Nebieridze

Ms. Nutsa Nebieridze is a dynamic and versatile professional with a diverse background spanning project management, public policy, education, and academia. Accordingly, she brings a unique blend of skills and experience to her role, enabling her to drive positive change and create meaningful impacts.

Currently, Ms. Nebieridze works as a Project Officer in PMCG’s Public Policy Unit, where she is actively engaged in the management of various donor-funded projects and business development efforts. In her previous role as an intern at PMCG, Ms. Nebieridze honed her project management skills and gained valuable experience in both proposal drafting,and stakeholder engagement. 

Meanwhile, she has also served as a Junior Expert in Business and Business Association Mapping for the USAID-funded “Unity Through Diversity” project conducted by UNA and PMCG, where she played a pivotal role in identifying businesses and business associations with the potential for linkages and fostering expansion into regions with relatively high minority populations. Through in-depth analysis, she uncovered barriers hindering collaboration and offered innovative solutions to overcome these challenges, thereby facilitating inclusive economic growth and strengthening community ties.

Furthermore, Ms. Nebieridze’s commitment to education and knowledge dissemination is evidenced her work as a Lecturer at the EGI Academy and the Future Diplomats’ Club of the Free University of Tbilisi. By designing engaging syllabi, conducting interactive lectures and seminars, and enthusiastically participating in curriculum development, she empowers students to explore complex topics in politics, international relations, and social entrepreneurship, nurturing future generations of change-makers and global leaders.

Furthermore, Ms. Nebieridze worked as an intern at the U.S. Embassy to Georgia’s Quality Assurance Unit, where she assisted in day-to-day tasks and supported project managers in ensuring the suitable quality of diplomatic residences. Here, her attention to detail and commitment to excellence enhanced the Embassy’s operations and contributed to developing positive diplomatic relations through communication with different landlords.

Elsewhere, outside her professional endeavors, Ms. Nebieridze served as the Campus Director of the Free University of Tbilisi for The Hult Prize Foundation, where she spearheaded initiatives to promote sustainable development and social entrepreneurship among college and university students. Her leadership qualities here enabled her to facilitate organization of the annual Hult Prize competition, coordinate workshops with industry professionals, and cultivate a vibrant community of aspiring social entrepreneurs, driving positive change at the grassroots level.

Ms. Nebieridze’s commitment to excellence was also demonstrated in her previous role as an Administrative Assistant/Hostess at the Embassy of Sweden to Georgia, where she contributed to the smooth execution of two embassy events, boosting diplomatic relations and optimizing the guest experience.

Her impressive working experience to date is complimented by strong educational credentials as she is a fourth-year student at the Free University of Tbilisi, majoring in International Relations (with a focus on Euro-Atlantic issues and French). She is fluent in Georgian, English, and Russian, and her competence in French is quickly growing too.