Supporting SMEs in Georgia for Sustainable Economic Development


Recently, PMCG concluded its collaboration with Chventan Ltd., a company which supplies fresh fruits and vegetables to wholesale and retail markets in Georgia.

Chventan has intentions to expand its operations and, to more effectively manage the business, the company required ongoing advisory support and coaching in organizational structure and human resource development, as well as elaboration of an operations manual and financial management.

After a number of interviews, in close cooperation with the company’s high-level management, our consultants defined and flowcharted the company’s organizational structure, defined the main units within the organization, described relevant functions for those units, classified relevant positions into categories, and developed detailed job descriptions.

The project team also developed an operations manual, outlining the core processes within the company and identified responsible positions.

For the financial management element, our consultants reviewed existing financial statements, made financial projections for the next five years using the purchase and sales plan of the client, and analyzed the financial ratios to monitor the development of the company.

The project was implemented within the project “Management System Development for SMEs”, co-financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).


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