Supporting Regional Decentralization Reform via Capacity Building Facilitation


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From July to September 2014, Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG) was actively engaged in a project funded by USAID Georgia, Good Governance in Georgia (G3) Program aiming to support local self-government reform in Georgia.

PMCG’s team of consultants, with its invaluable experience, actively worked to facilitate the process of decentralization by assisting 14 newly-created municipalities to enhance the skills and capacities and to meet challenges that will arise after the launch of reforms.

Within the framework of the project, PMCG designed and created efficient manuals covering the information session for newly-elected Mayors and Gamgebelis, focused on the key issues of the newly adopted Code on Local Self-governments of Georgia; recruiting/selecting municipality staff; municipal budgeting and state procurement. PMCG’s team also issued recommendations, organizational structures and sample templates to introduce effective tools of human resource management (HRM), state procurement and budgeting systems.

To ensure the effective implementation of the suggested guidelines and manuals, our trainers conducted several trainings and introduced the effective tools in the above listed fields to about 200 officials from the newly-created governments.

Please visit the links below for detailed information:

USAID Georgia, G3 Program – Training Courses for Senior Civil Servants in 14 Newly-Created Municipalities

Enhancing Municipal Budgeting and Procurement System

HRM Tools for Officials of Newly-Created Municipalities

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