Supporting ICGFM Conference Dedicated to Public Financial Management on Sectoral Service Delivery


On December 2-4, the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management (ICGFM) hosted the 2019 Winter Training Conference at the International Monetary Fund’s Washington office where the focus was on Public Financial Management (PFM) Impact on Sectoral Service Delivery.

PMCG, as one of the sponsoring organizations of the ICGFM’s Winter Training Conference, supports its mission to work globally with governments, organizations and individuals to improve financial management so that governments can better serve their citizens.

“We were enthusiastic about supporting the Winter Training Conference, as it’s a good platform to engage with global leaders to discuss PFM challenges and opportunities,” explained Aleksi Aleksishvili, CEO and Chairman at PMCG, who attended the conference.

PFM is one of the most important directions in our portfolio, so becoming a member of the ICGFM at the beginning of 2019 has since given gave us an opportunity to increase our involvement in positively influencing PFM policies worldwide.

Senior figures from the public and private sectors, international development organizations, and consulting companies attended the event. Some of the topics included: Improving Financial Management in Liberia to Enhance Health Delivery; Improved Aid Effectiveness: How can Governments and Donors More Effectively Use Fiduciary Risk Assessments to Provide Incentives for Better Financial Management?; Public Private Partnerships and the Electricity Sector; Enhancing the Public Private Partnership Process in Indonesia; and Big Data + Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain.

The ICGFM is a leading global organization, which unites government entities, institutions, professional associations, university departments and high-level financial management professionals devoted to improving financial management.

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