Supporting E-Work Market Development in Rural Areas


We recently started a new project, the goal of which is to advance e-work market development in Georgia by assessing the e-work market demand among enterprises from the five biggest cities of Georgia, and helping to match this demand with the rural labor force of the selected municipalities under the EU-funded program “Improving Rural Development in Georgia (IRDG),” which is being implemented by UNDP.

“Rapid development of modern technologies has significantly changed lifestyles globally. The changes have mainly affected the environment we work in and a new way of working – remote work – is taking its place gradually. The study aims to identify the specifics of the remote labor market with respect to existing and potential job positions, to identify the key factors in maintaining and promoting this new environment, and to assess employment prospects for workforce in rural areas. This, in turn, provides new opportunities for improving living standards for the most vulnerable living in rural areas,” said Ms. Elza Jgerenaia, Senior Consultant at PMCG.

Initially, we will conduct a background study, analyzing the Georgian rural context relative to e-work, with the focus being on economics, human capital, policy and social issues, followed by a qualitative survey of 1000 enterprises to assess the opportunities in employment and moving employees onto an e-work mode within private companies from the country’s biggest cities, and performing a qualitative study to understand deeply how public institutions could support e-work.

Subsequently, PMCG will identify the in-demand types of jobs that can be conducted in an e-work mode, it will register current and upcoming openings for jobs with medium- and large-sized companies that can be done remotely, it will design and also develop special operating procedures for the management of a registry for the job-matching scheme (containing information about available/forecasted jobs for potential jobseekers), it will conduct a promotional campaign in each target municipality with the purpose of raising awareness about e-work employment opportunities, and it will register e-work jobseekers in the aforementioned registry to match them with current and potential e-work vacancies.

Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about the project:
Supporting E-Work Market Development in Rural Areas

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