Supervising Rehabilitation of Water Supply Systems in 18 Towns of Georgia



PMCG, in consortium with Temelsu, under the European Investment Bank (EIB) project supervises the construction and rehabilitation works in 18 towns of Georgia – Tsnori, Telavi-Kurdgelauri, Akhmeta, Lagodekhi, Sagarejo, Dusheti, Tkibuli, Zestaponi and under defect nodificaion period (DNP) in Senaki, Abasha, Khobi, Ozurgeti, Terjola, Likani-Tsagveri, Signagi, Bolnisi, Kareli.

In order to ensure effective implementation of the project and to support the on-going consolidation of water service provision, project team reviews bidding documentations and proposed designs prior to lunching tenders and offers advice regarding necessary changes or design aspects.

The team also conducts pre-construction planning regarding the supervision of logistics, with particular regard to a quality assurance plan and a project supervision manual for the 18 work contracts. Supervision will also cover mobilization, construction and defects notification phases to ensure effective implementation of the rehabilitation process.

Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about the project:
Supervision of Rehabilitation of Water Supply Systems under WIMPII Phase II

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