Strategic Plan and Action Plan Developed for Central Harmonization Unit



PMCG, under the framework of USAID’s Good Governance Initiative (GGI) program, has provided support to the Central Harmonization Unit (CHU) in improving the performance of its functions, as well as developing its policy paper and action plan.

Central Harmonization Unit (CHU) is an internal organizational unit within the Ministry of Finance tasked with ensuring the formation of an independent, objective, transparent and professional Public Internal Financial Control and Internal Audit System.

PMCG has been assisting the CHU in developing the Public Internal Financial Controls (PIFC) Strategy and the action plan for for 2016-2018. Accordingly, PMCG has delivered strategy planning workshops and coaching during the paper writing process. During the project, a number of meetings (workshops and coaching meetings) with CHU staff and workshops with ministries’ representatives were held in order to conduct comprehensive analysis and to comprehensively draft the PIFC strategy. Besides those activities, special attention was given to elaborating the most appropriate design and style for the strategy paper. 

The workshops delivered to the CHU staff covered the following: CHU’s vision; targeted success; values; SWOT analysis of PIFC Strategy; and strategic objectives and related activities.

In addition, meetings with internal audit representatives were held, in order to gather their opinions regarding PIFC strategy related issues and to increase their engagement in the strategy implementation process.

At this moment, the CHU team and local experts are cooperating to finalize the draft document and action plan.

Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about the project:
Development of Strategic Plan and Action Plan for Central Harmonization Unit

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