Reviewing Anaklia Deep Sea Port Baseline Action Plan


PMCG, together with Antea Netherlands, recently started working on a project designed to study the Baseline Contamination Rectification Commitment Action Plan of Anaklia Deep Sea Port (ADSP) before giving it their seal of approval.

Before the construction of Anaklia Deep Sea Port, a baseline environmental study was conducted for the investment area, which discovered baseline contamination of soil, surface water and groundwater and onshore and offshore unexploded ordinance (unexploded bombs). A Baseline Contamination Rectification Commitment Action Plan has been prepared to address these issues.

The project team is working to ensure that the plan is appropriate and complies with the terms of the investment agreement signed between Anaklia Deep Sea Port Development Agency and Anaklia Development Consortium.

The team will review the baseline environmental study of the investment area covering issues of geology, hydrology and hydrogeology before providing constructive comments. Moreover, the team will also study the Rectification Commitment Plan and the investment agreement and issue a report about the Plan’s legal compliance with the investment agreement relating to the building, operation and transfer of Anaklia Deep Sea Port.

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