Regulatory Impact Assessment to Establish Effective Employment Mechanism in Georgia


RIA Parliament Trainings

Overcoming unemployment, creating new job opportunities and supporting vocational education are all considered priority issues for the Georgian authorities which are planning the implementation of relevant regulations to address these issues. 

The program “Legal Approximation towards European Standards in South Caucasus” implemented by GIZ in close coordination with the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Civil Integration, decided to conduct a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) in light of the 2030 agenda requirements about the establishment of an employment mechanism in Georgia.

In the framework of the program, PMCG was contracted by GIZ to support the Parliament of Georgia and its working group made up of respective committees in the process of the RIA on establishment of an employment mechanism.

PMCG’s team will elaborate a detailed RIA action plan, capacity development plan and draft stakeholder surveys. In addition, the team will conduct on-job training sessions on RIA methodology for staff members of different parliamentary committees and identify preferred options for the establishment of an employment mechanism.

Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about the project:
Regulatory Impact Assessment on Options for Establishment of an Employment Mechanism

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