Issue 123: Employment and Income Dynamics in Georgia
Oct, 2020
  • In August 2020, the number of employees receiving salaries recovered almost fully and stood at only 1% less than the corresponding month of last year;
  • During the period of January-August 2020, the month of May saw the largest drop in the number of employees receiving salaries (a dip of 9% or 74 951), compared to the corresponding period of 2019;
  • The month of April experienced the biggest decline in the number of employees for four out of the five higher-income categories, with the highest decline (23%) recorded in the number of people earning more than GEL 4800 per month;
  • The total average monthly earnings of employees in Q2 of 2020 amounted to GEL 1150.1, which represents a 3% decrease compared to Q2 of 2019;
  • According to the data obtained from and, the drop in demand for labor started in March and reached its peak in April, when and experienced an 87% and 78% year over year (YoY) decline in new vacancies posted, respectively. The YoY growth rates started recovering towards the baseline in May, but then registered a significant decline in August.