Hotel Price Index (April, 2018)


  • The 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotel price index increased by 3.4% in April 2018, compared to March 2018;
  • The prices for guesthouses increased by 6% in April 2018, compared to March 2018;
  • According to Airbnb, in April 2018, looking at the capital cities of Georgia and its neighboring countries1 the cheapest apartments were found in Ankara (on average US$35 per night), while  the most expensive were found in Moscow (on average US$130 per night);
  • On Airbnb, in April the average price of an apartment in Tbilisi was US$44 per night, while in Georgia as a whole it was US$45 per night;
  • According to the Georgian National Tourism Administration, during 2016-2017 the highest number of accommodation units2 in Georgia were opened in Guria, with a total of 30 units.


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