Urban Services Improvement Investment Program

Project Client

United Water Supply Company of Georgia (UWSCG);



Origin Of Funding

Asian Development Bank (ADB);

Start Date


End Date




Project Description:


PMCG, in consortium with Hill International and Temelsu, has started working on a construction supervision project which envisions supervision of construction/rehabilitation works on water and sewerage systems under the Urban Services Improvement Investment Program financed by the Asian Development Bank (ABD).

The project aims to improve the services of the United Water Supply Company of Georgia (UWSCG) by providing construction, rehabilitation and renovation works on the water supply and sewage systems of three Georgian towns – Bolnisi, Chiatura and Marneuli.

During the project, PMCG is supervising construction works on the water supply networks in Chiatura and Marneuli, the construction of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) in Bolnisi, Chiatura and Marneuli, and the construction of sewage systems in Bolnisi and Marneuli. The construction works include building and rehabilitation of headworks, reservoirs, pumping stations, transmission mains, distribution network, sewage network, sewage pumping stations, special constructions (crossings) and all related works.

In order to ensure the effective implementation of the project, PMCG’s team of engineers, a social safeguards specialist and an environmental specialist will provide the following:

  • Supervision of construction activities by resident engineers
  • Evaluation and management of unanticipated involuntary settlement impacts and monitoring of any consequent impacts
  • Monitoring the compliance of the construction process with the contractors’ environmental management plans
  • Preparation of post-construction environmental audit

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