Supporting the Government of Azerbaijan in Implementation of the Annual Action Programme 2015 “Integrated Regional Development of Azerbaijan (IRDA)”

Project Client

Government of Azerbaijan;



Origin Of Funding

European Commission;

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End Date




The project aims to support the Government of Azerbaijan (GoA) in diversifying the economy, fostering balanced and inclusive growth, reducing regional disparities, and enhancing rural livelihoods.

Its specific objective is to provide assistance to the GoA in implementing the Action Document for the Integrated Regional Development of Azerbaijan (IRDA) to be financed under the Annual Action Programme 2015. This involves carrying out a sector analysis, drafting clear and concise key documents which form the basis for the launching of projects contributing to business development, attracting investment, and raising the quality of life in rural areas.

In the scope of this project, PMCG is conducting the following activities:

  • Sector Analysis. Assessing EU intervention areas, their legal and institutional framework, policy and strategy of the GoA, and the direct and indirect support provided by the EU, as well as Identifying existing needs and gaps within relevant sectors and proposing actions to be taken to achieve the following results:

– Improvement of the rural development system targeting both rural microenterprises and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as small- and medium-sized family farms;

– Introduction of a network of agricultural advisory services, focused on good agricultural practices;

– Enhancement of outreach and local food promotion through investment support and consumer education; and

– Ensuring better support for entrepreneurial developments in rural areas.

The project outputs include an assessment report comprising an overview and analysis, as well as a proposed action plan for preparing terms of references (ToRs) for technical assistance based on stakeholder discussions. In addition, the project is delivering finalized ToRs for further assistance projects.