Supporting Kosovo to Develop Tourism Sector, USAID Kosovo PFD Program

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Government of Kosovo;



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Eastern Europe and Balkans;

Project Description:


The aim of the project is to support the Government of Kosovo to successfully implement its 2015-2018 program, which is being implemented under the USAID Partnership for Development (PFD) program and is focused on developing one of the most important sectors for Kosovo’s society – tourism.

The field of tourism is crucial for Kosovo’s economic development, private sector and economy in general. The country has the capacity to promote winter and mountain, recreational-sport, and cultural tourism based on its historical and cultural heritage.

PMCG is implementing the following activities to assist Kosovo in developing this field:

  • Evaluation of existing private and public sector approaches to tourism in Kosovo, including cooperation between them
  • Evaluation of Kosovo’s current linkages with international tourism organizations and recommend additional links
  • Review of the Government policy, legal, and operational framework governing the tourism sector in Kosovo in relation to EU requirements and international best practices on regulation of private economic activity in the area of tourism
  • Consultation with responsible officials from the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Kosovo (MTI), the Government of Kosovo, municipalities, tourism operators, associations and other stakeholders during the review and development of recommendations
  • Development of recommendations for improvements to Kosovo’s current private sector practices, as well as policy, legal, and operational framework in tourism

Background information:

The USAID-funded Partnership for Development Project in Kosovo is a four-year activity, with the purpose of supporting the institutions of the Government of Kosovo at central and local levels to create a business-friendly and regionally competitive business environment that will attract foreign investment to Kosovo, while at the same time maintaining macro-economic stability. The project is implemented by a consortium led by Chemonics Inc.

The project has three objectives which are as follows:

  1. Business environment improvement
  2. Improved implementation of construction reforms
  3. Enhancing macro-economic stability and public financial management (PFM) at central and local levels

By achieving these objectives, PFD will enhance the enabling business environment for private sector growth and expand employment opportunities in Kosovo.

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