Supporting Georgian Competition Agency

Project Client

Georgian Competition Agency;



Origin Of Funding

European Commission;

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Project Description:


The project is focused on supporting the regulatory system for competition, in order to ensure that all economic operators work under the same rules and thus are not enjoying any unfair advantages over competitors operating in the same market. Moreover, there is an emphasis on improving enforcement of the competition law in Georgia, thus helping to create a favorable competition climate, facilitating engagement of business and sector regulators, and maximizing the benefits of trade.

The general objective of the project is to support the law enforcement capacity of the Georgian Competition Agency by strengthening the professional ability of its staff to deal with rules and norms governing competition in Georgia and a wide range of related market issues.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  1. Increase and strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of legal, economic and technical capacities of the Competition Agency to implement and enforce competition policy, including state enterprises and subsidies rules, in accordance with EU best practices and DCFTA provisions
  2. Improve the cooperation between the Competition Agency and sector regulators
  3. Promote a competition culture within the Georgian society

Throughout the project, a number of tailored capacity building activities are planned for all of the departments at the Competition Agency on various topics, including the legal policy framework and policy drafting, principles of anti-competitive agreements and business practices, principles for effective enforcement and compliance, inspections and sanctions, principles of independence, resourcing, legal powers, accountability and transparency.

The agency will receive technical support on the inspections procedures system and the effective sanction system. The consultants will develop strategies to fight bid-rigging and incorporate the best practices to promote competition among various sector regulators. In addition, management information systems, human resources management and internal communication procedures will be improved.

Project Background:

Competition policy was identified as one of the priority areas for the successful completion of negotiations between Georgia and the EU over the DCFTA. Competition is considered one of the most fundamental areas in DCFTAs, and it consists of ensuring the adoption of comprehensive laws addressing anti-competitive behaviors which also include regulation of state enterprises and enterprises entrusted with special or exclusive rights and subsidies.

This project is part of the complementary measures of the broader EU-funded programme “Support to EU-Georgia Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)” signed on 13/01/2015 and aimed at ensuring continuation of trade and private sector reforms and reinforcing key trade and SME supporting institutions.

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