Support for Preparation of General Methodology for Municipal Priority Document, Design Municipal Priority Documents for 22 Municipalities and Update Comprehensive Regional Action Plans for 6 Regions of Georgia

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Government of Georgia;



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The objective of this four-part assignment is to: (i) Assist the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure (MRDI) to design a general methodology for the preparation of Municipal Priority Documents (MPDs) based on regulation N244 of the Minister of Finance, about the “Methodology of Programme Budget Drafting”, including adequate actions to increase public awareness of, and civil society involvement in, consultations on MPD preparations; (ii) Directly support selected pilot municipalities to prepare MPDs covering the period of 2016-2019 in accordance with the general MPD methodology and to take adequate actions to increase public awareness of, and civil society involvement in, consultations during these preparations; (iii) Support MRDI and six regional working groups to update and further elaborate the existing/adopted comprehensive Regional Action Plans (RAPs) for 2015-2017, particularly for the years 2016 and 2017, by incorporating objectively justified and prioritized projects, monitoring and evaluation indicators, responsible agencies and timeframes, and to take adequate actions to increase public awareness of, and civil society involvement in, consultations on the updated RAPs; (iv) Assist MRDI in consultation with regions to revise the methodology adopted by MRDI in 2014 for preparation of RAPs and to strengthen actions to increase public awareness of, and civil society involvement in, consultations on the revised RAP methodology.

MPD methodology will cover diagnostic methods including:

  • Social development (covering healthcare, education, culture, sports, social integration and minority equality)
  • Economic development (covering natural resources, infrastructure, business sector, tourism, etc.)
  • Agriculture
  • Environment protection including disaster risk reduction
  • Coverage and methodology for SWOT analysis forming integral parts of MPDs
  • Procedures for defining vision and priorities and consolidation of those with the regional strategic documents and other related priorities
  • Civil society consultation and awareness raising

The PMCG team will work with municipality working groups and officials to prepare, select and justify priorities for MPDs. The municipalities/regions being assisted are: City of Rustavi, Marneuli, Tsalka and Bolnisi municipalities, Kvemo Kartli; Ozurgeti city and Ozurgeti municipality, Guria; Zugdidi (town), Chkhorucku, Tsalenjikha and Senaki municipalities, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti; Ambrolauri, Oni and Tsageri municipalities, Racha-Lechkhumi-Kvemo Svaneti; City of Kutaisi, Zestaponi, Tchiatura, Samtredia, Bagdati and Kharagauli municipalities, Imereti and Mtskheta (town), Dusheti and Tianeti municipalities, Mtskheta-Mtianeti.

In addition, PMCG will support regional working groups in the further elaboration of 2016 and 2017 projects to be included in the RAPs for 2015-2017. This support and facilitation should make use of the revised RAP methodology.

PMCG will facilitate development of MPDs and update of RAPs through direct advice, workshops, working group meetings and distance counselling.

Background Information:

To address the regional and local development goals and objectives, UNDP has been implementing a 5 year project with funding from SDC and ADA since end-2012 entitled Fostering Regional and Local Development (RLD). The RLD project aims to advance decentralization, regional and local governance reform and development through strengthening capacities of central and sub-national authorities. RLD also aims to develop the policy formulation and implementation capacities of MRDI and other national stakeholders for the regional and local governance reform and development.

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