Study and Analysis of Nursing and Midwifery Skills Ecosystem in Georgia

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The nursing and midwifery skills ecosystem analyses are part of a broad cooperation between the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the USAID Industry-led Skills Development Program. The primary objective of this collaboration is to enhance the skills of the healthcare workforce in Georgia.

In addition, the study aims to evaluate the skills ecosystem for nursing and midwifery occupations in Georgia. As part of this study, PMC Research is undertaking the following tasks:

  • Analyzing recent trends in nursing and midwifery, and assessing the supply and demand of skills in the sector;
  • Identifying challenges and opportunities for inclusion in the sector;
  • Reviewing nursing and midwifery skills development practices in Georgia, and examining international best practices in skills education for these occupations;
  • Providing an overview of policy measures supporting nursing and midwifery skills development;
  • Developing country-specific recommendations and key messages;
  • Proposing the optimal format for an advocacy platform to promote the implementation of these recommendations; and
  • Organizing an event to present the findings of the baseline assessment.

To conduct this study, PMC Research is employing a mixed-method research design, including desk review and statistical data analysis, qualitative in-depth interviews, consultations, and focus group discussions with various stakeholders.