Strengthening PR/Communications Function at the Ministry of Justice of Georgia

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Ministry of Justice of Georgia;



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The objective of the project was to establish effective public relations and communication approaches for the Ministry of Justice. This work entailed technical assistance, analysis, developing recommendations, direct capacity development through coaching and training to implement a modern PR/Communication mechanism to increase the institutional and operational efficiency of MoJ’s PR/Communication Department.

PMCG in association with GEPRA has composedan analytical report on the current operational and functional effectiveness of the Ministry of Justice’s PR/Communication plan/strategy. In addition, six focus group surveys have been provided. The focus groups were designed to capture the expectations of target groups on the work of the Ministry of Justice and its perceived image. Moreover the project team prepared the comparative study of best practice in implementing PR/Communication mechanisms for five countries along with a set of recommendations for adapting them as part of the Ministry of Justice’s PR/Communication Department.

In order to develop the PR/Communications framework a 3-day workshop was conducted for the representatives of the PR/Communications Department, and at the end of the workshop prepared documentations were presented to the middle and high-level officials of the MoJ. The PR/Communications framework includes main guiding principles and processes of the Ministry’s approach to public relations along with goals, objectives, principles, and elements of a communication strategy, target groups and mechanisms.

The project team facilitated a 3-day capacity development workshop for PR department staff of the Ministry. In the final phase of the project the PR/Communication Platform and Annual Work Plan for implementing PR/Communication activities (Town Hall meetings, Open Day meetings, Stakeholdersdiscussions) was developed.