Strengthening PR/Communications Department of the State Chancellery of the Government of Georgia


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Project Description:


The main objective of the project was to strengthen the cross-governmental communication systems of the PR/Communications Department of the Chancellery of Government of Georgia (GoG) and create opportunities for citizen engagement through government policies and planned reforms.

Initially, the project team conducted an assessment and analysis of the current operations of the PR department. The assessment included recommendations for enhancement of its institutional operation systems as well for the creation of efficient communication mechanisms for both internal and external communication. Based on these recommendations, PMCG’s PR team delivered professional development training on communication strategies for the department staff and representatives of PR departments of GoG institutions.

PMCG conducted a 3-day off-site workshop for up to 30 participants from the State Chancellery and other GoG institutions nominated by the Public Relations/Communications department. The workshop’s objective was to develop a framework for a new PR/Communications platform (strategy) that focused on improvements in the Department’s internal (across Government entities) and external (State Chancellery and citizens) communications mechanisms, including use of electronic media. Finally, in cooperation with the State Chancellery senior management and other stakeholders, PR/Communications platform (strategy) was developed with focus on internal and external communication mechanisms as well as communications with the public.

Additionally, PMCG’s PR team has developed three training modules on PR/Communications of public agencies. Topics of the training modules focus on PR/Communications functions, internal and external communication methods, formulating messages to target audiences, PR/Communications best practices and mechanisms for outreach, interactive web-based technologies, target-oriented reporting and dissemination through different media channels, PR/Communications planning, and crisis management.

The second part of the project aimed at the development of the official web-site of the Government of Georgia, which is based on the requirements of the new PR/Communications platform (strategy). A procedural manual for maintaining the government web site ( as well as recommendations for effective maintenance of the website were developed which ensured the suitability of the site’s purpose, offering valuable content to the target audience in a user-friendly manner.

PMCG’s IT team has also developed a mobile adaptive website design and web scripts for, in line with recommendations on formulating messages, news stories, and current updates about ongoing reforms and other government approved content.

In addition, the user manual was developed to manage the web page. The manual guides technical and content managers on use of the website. On the basis of the manual trainings for technical and content managers were delivered.

PMCG provided the following services:

  • Delivered assessment report on functional analysis of the systems and operations of the PR/Communications department
  • Conducted three-day workshop to develop the framework for the PR/Communications platform (strategy), focusing on the department’s internal and external communications mechanisms
  • Designed three training modules on PR/Communications mechanisms
  • Conducted three-day training for up to 30 participants of the PR/Communications departments of GoG entities
  • Developed a new PR/Communications platform (strategy) of the Government of Georgia
  • Designed a new website – (operating in English, Georgian and Abkhazian languages) to ensure its consistency with the stated objectives of effective communication with citizens and stakeholders
  • Developed Procedural Manual for maintaining government website ( and the new portal
  • Provided recommendations on effectively managing website and the portal
  • Conducted training for and technical and content managers
  • Developed mobile adaptive website design and web scripts for