Strengthening Government of Autonomous Republic of Adjara Institutional Capacity

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Managament Systems International (MSI);



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PMC Research facilitated participatory planning processes and program budgeting in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara that helped to define major medium-term priorities of these institutions and to identify the appropriate actions to achieve the institutional priorities for the next three years. The objective was to formulate and implement a program budget for 2014 in all agencies for the effective and efficient use of public resources.

PMC Research developed an analytical report Program Budgeting Processes, which described the processes of developing mid-term priorities, draft programs and sub- programs, discussion of draft programs with stakeholders, and the approval of programs, subprograms, and reporting systems. PMC Research provided a 5-day training on the technical and methodological aspects of the program budgeting process, including: developing programs, monitoring implementation, reporting, etc. The training included a detailed review of best international practices/cases for program budgeting process.

PMC Research recommended an improved mid-term planning process and overall program budgeting process. PMC Research experts discussed the findings in a round-table discussion with senior management. PMC Research developed a Program Budgeting Manual in close collaboration with the Ministry of Finance of Georgia.



Ms. Sofia Gurgenidze
Management Systems International
Good Governance in Georgia Program
E-mail: [email protected]