Review and Optimization of the Organizational Structure of the Georgian Parliamentary Research Center (GPRC)

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The project is being implemented as part of the framework of the USAID/Georgia Human and Institutional Capacity Development 2020 Activity (HICD 2020), the aim of which is to assist the USAID Caucasus Mission in addressing its partner organizations’ administrative limitations and performance gaps that impede the effective implementation of all key reforms, including those related to the EU-Georgia Association Agreement, the Open Government Action Plan, and Civil Service Reform.

The general objective of the project is to assist the Georgian Parliamentary Research Center (GPRC) with effective setting-up of streamlined management and procedural processes and to ensure long-term institutional and operational effectiveness.


The specific objectives of the project are:

• To explore the mission, goals, and functions of the organization;
• To propose an extended organizational structure and create effective templates of relevant legal documents;
• To study the best models of similar units within the structures of Western parliaments and, on that basis, provide suggestions for improved organizational performance;
• To provide recommendations on the best solutions for establishing an effectively functioning research unit;
• To develop an optimal model for organizational arrangements to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency;
• To develop detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) for effective distribution of administrative and professional duties within the organization, including rules, procedures and best practices for the delivery of questions from MPs and the Parliamentary Committees;
• To develop performance monitoring and evaluation tools;
• To develop performance indicators enabling the GPRC to measure performance on an ongoing basis in relation to its organizational goals;
• To develop detailed job descriptions for all staff members of the GPRC in relation to, and in the framework of, the tasks performed by each member of staff; and
• To develop relevant human resource management (HRM) procedures.

As a result of the intervention, the GPRC will be able to improve its performance and maintain long-term institutional and operational effectiveness.