Provide Support to Gori and Ozurgeti Municipalities in the Development of FY2022-2025 Priority Documents, Medium- term Action Plans, FY2022 Program Budgets, Citizen’s Guides and Annual Execution Reports of FY2021 Budgets

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The main objective of this project is to further strengthen the public financial management (PFM) capacity of two Georgian municipalities, namely Gori and Ozurgeti. More specifically, we aim to assist Gori and Ozurgeti municipalities in the elaboration of their FY2022 program-based budget packages in compliance with the latest program budget development methodology, and in line with public expenditure and financial accountability (PEFA) recommendations.

PMCG is undertaking the following activities:

  • Reviewing decrees of the Mayors of Gori and Ozurgeti on the preparation of 2022-2025 priority documents together with annexes, and developing recommendations for their further improvement (if needed);
  • Organizing discussions with Gori and Ozurgeti municipalities to analyze FY2021 budget implementation against relevant performance indicators. The project team will also review existing communication practices and develop recommendations to improve processes in this regard;
  • Providing training and coaching to the staff of Gori and Ozurgeti municipalities to develop budget requests and prepare draft budgets together with corresponding annexes. Training sessions will be attended by representatives of the thematic divisions/programs of each municipality and NNLEs;
  • Facilitating finalization of FY2022 programs, subprograms, and performance indicators;
  • Assisting Gori and Ozurgeti municipalities in the planning and facilitation of a series of public meetings with citizens and broader groups of stakeholders to present and discuss draft FY2022-2025 priority documents and draft FY2022 program budgets;
  • Providing coaching and assistance to Gori and Ozurgeti municipal staff in the development of the Annual Execution Report of FY2021 Budgets; and
  • Assisting Gori and Ozurgeti municipalities to prepare the Citizen’s Guide for the adopted FY2022 local budget.