Preparation of Business Plan for Aragvis Kalmakhi LLC

Project Client

Aragvis Kalmakhi LLC;



Origin Of Funding

Aragvis Kalmakhi LLC;

Start Date


End Date



Eastern Europe and Balkans;

The company Aragvis Kalmakhi €LLC (Aragvi Trout) is one of the largest operational companies breeding trout in Georgia. The objective of the project was the development of a business plan for the attraction of investments. PMCG launched this project in May 2008.

PMCG consultants provided the following services:

  • Export and Market analyses;
  • Pricing and distribution policy elaboration;
  • Product and production process description;
  • Promotion Strategy creation;
  • Pricing Strategy preparation;
  • SWOT Analysis;
  • Financial Plan/Projection;
  • Investment appraisal and analysis.