Preliminary Project Preparation Study for a 50 MW Floating Solar PV Plant on the Enguri Reservoir in Georgia

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Project Description:

The project aims to assess the viability of developing a 50 MW floating photovoltaic (PV) project on the surface of the Enguri reservoir.
In order to attain our goal, we will conduct a scoping study and prepare the preliminary design for the PV project.

More specifically, PMCG, as part of consortium led by RINA Tech Limited UK (leading), will undertake the following activities:

  • Conduct a high level overview of the hydrology of the Enguri reserve;
  • Review the existing market framework and regulations in place for solar PV projects in Georgia;
  • Review potential technical challenges and risks associated with the project and how these could be addressed during the design, construction and operation of the project;
  • Review the potential environmental and social risks and considerations related to the project;
  • Conduct a high-level review of the existing grid infrastructure at/around the Enguri reservoir;
  • Conduct a scoping study of the project, determining its main DC/AC characteristics, footprint, preferable floating structures, potential energy yield (P50 and P90), possible alternatives for its location on the reservoir, and grid connection. The scoping study will include the analysis of the investment needs, as well as technical and economic viability under selected scenarios; and
  • Identify recommended main features for the project and potential locations.