Mixed-Method Participatory Evaluation of the Promoting Citizen Engagement for Economic Development (PROCEED) Project

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Heks Eper;



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Heks Eper;

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The project aims to evaluate the Participatory Evaluation of the Promoting Citizen Engagement for Economic Development (PROCEED) project, and to assess the implementation of the LEADER approach in Dedoplistskaro municipality in the Kakheti region of Georgia.

The evaluation employs a mixed-method, participatory approach, which incorporates the review of available secondary data sources and the collection of rich primary data in order to enable the triangulation of information and provide the most comprehensive analysis possible of project achievements.  

Moreover, secondary and primary data analysis are oriented on gleaning insights into the cross-cutting issues of gender, equity, and the environment as well as revealing any unintended outcomes and impacts of the project that may not have been anticipated by the project team. 

In the process, PMC Research will undertake the following activities:

  • Conduct a desk review to gather quantitative and qualitative insights from the project’s M&E data, baseline and end-line reports, quarterly and annual reports, as well as the local development strategy, project exit strategy, and mid-term evaluation report;
  • Conduct in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with the most relevant external and internal stakeholders; and
  • Organize workshops with local and external stakeholders to share key findings of the evaluation and encourage participants to further enrich the evaluation with any nuances not considered in the evaluation as well as any other contextual insights they may have.