Mid-Term Institutional Development Strategic Plan for the Adjara Forestry Agency (AFA)

Project Client

Adjara Forestry Agency;



Origin Of Funding

Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC)/Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN);

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End Date




Project Description:


The objective of the project is to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Adjara Forestry Agency (AFA) through developing a mid‐term institutional development strategic planning document linked to the budget. The strategic planning process includes elaboration of mid‐term (4‐years) institutional development strategy with an action plan linked to the budget of the organization, detailed annual (2015) work‐plans for each structural unit of the agency, as well as performance management plans (PMPs) and internal monitoring tools so that the AFA will be able to measure and evaluate the strategy implementation process.

As an organization with strong experience of working with government agencies in the field of strategic planning, capacity building and institutional development, PMCG was contracted to develop a 4-year strategic plan. PMCG’s consultants have unique experience of working actively with the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara (GoARA), providing professional assistance to strengthen the institutional capacity of its ministries and agencies.

PMCG will use various analytical tools to identify internal and external factors influencing operations and performances of the Agency, will define the positive and negative factors influencing the exercise of statutory functions and achievements of time-framed institutional targets set by the organization.

A team of consultants will conduct a strategic planning workshop, where stakeholders will be engaged in discussions about the vision, medium-term mission and values of the Agency. The meeting will ensure that the crucial components of the 4-year strategic plan coincide with the institutional priorities and strategic goals of the Agency. The discussion format will also help to identify the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Special attention will be paid to the budgetary constraints, and the sources of funding for every intervention that will be undertaken under the strategic plan will be identified. The strategic plan will also include a set of output and outcome indicators for continuous self-monitoring of the Agency’s progress in achieving the objectives.

To ensure the practical implementation of the plan, PMCG’s consultants will closely work with the budgeting unit of the Agency to develop the program budget and ensure that the organizational budget for the upcoming years reflects the activities envisaged in the organizational strategy.

PMCG’s team will deliver the AFA mid-term institutional development strategic plan including the action plan, budget allocations, internal M&E tools (PME) and detailed annual work-plans to guarantee the efficient implementation of the plan.


Background Information:


Adjara Forestry Agency was established at the beginning of 2011 and is oriented toward protecting and restoring forests, clarifying the forest boundaries and regulating the use of forests throughout the region of Adjara.

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