Mid-Term and Final Evaluation of the Tunisia Media Sector Support Program

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EU Delegation in Tunisia;



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Africa and Middle East;

In this assignment, PMCG’s team of consultants aims to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the EU Media Sector Support Program in Tunisia. The assessment entails the following distinct phases: documentation; field visits; visits with stakeholders; conclusion; and synthesis.

The primary task of the evaluation team is to formulate a comprehensive list of evaluation questions to be addressed in the final report. The questions refer to the five criteria adopted by the OECD DAC: relevance; effectiveness; efficiency; sustainability; and impact. Furthermore, the evaluation takes into account EU-specific criteria, including EU value-added and coherence.

To address the evaluation questions, the team of consultants is carrying out the following activities:

  • Documentation analysis;
  • Stakeholder interviews;
  • Impact study with beneficiary organizations, including field visits and a survey in the form of questionnaires;
  • Visiting beneficiary organizations of the EU Media Sector Support Program in Tunisia to assess the effectiveness of the assistance provided; and
  • A stakeholder workshop, presenting an opportunity for constructive discussion, feedback, and collective learning from the evaluation’s outcomes.