Labour Migration and Private Employment Agencies in Georgia

Project Client

State Commission on Migration Issues;



Origin Of Funding

Public Service Development Agency;

Start Date


End Date




The main objective of the project is to examine the work of private employment agencies in Georgia, with an emphasis on services provided to job-seekers and employers, and to analyze the contractual obligations of all parties involved, as well as examine the safeguarding of labor rights throughout the migration process.

More specifically, PMC Research is undertaking the following activities:

  • Conducting a desk review;
  • Interviewing government agencies and international organizations;
  • Carrying out interviews with employment agencies in Tbilisi and the regions of Georgia;
  • Interviewing labor migrants already employed or seeking employment abroad;
  • Developing recommendations for relevant government bodies;
  • Preparing the final research report; and
  • Presenting research findings to the member agencies of the State Commission on Migration Issues.