Innovative Perspectives: Exploring Opportunities in Emissions Trading Systems for CAREC Countries

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CAREC Institute;

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Central Asia;

Under the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) CTTN Research Grants Program (RGP), PMC Research is conducting research entitled “Innovative Perspectives: Exploring Opportunities in Emissions Trading Systems for CAREC Countries.”

Crucially, the goal of this research is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential opportunities, challenges, and implications of linking emissions trading systems (ETSs) within the CAREC region. This involves mapping current ETS frameworks, exploring the feasibility of regional linkages, and providing policy recommendations to enhance climate cooperation efforts, drawing upon insights from international experience and a detailed review of the existing literature.

To accomplish this goal, this endeavor will pursue the following five research objectives:

  1. Mapping the ETS landscape in CAREC countries, including an overview of nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and current initiatives directly or indirectly related to ETSs.
  2. Exploring the concept of linking ETSs at a regional level by referring to insights gleaned from international experience.
  3. Identifying the opportunities and challenges associated with linking ETSs within the CAREC region.
  4. Investigating the feasibility of linking ETSs within the CAREC context, taking into account the specific characteristics, challenges, and current state of ETSs in the region.
  5. Issuing policy recommendations to policymakers and other stakeholders interested in enhancing climate cooperation efforts within the CAREC region, based on international best practices and lessons learned.

More specifically, within the project, PMC Research will produce a research-based policy paper, present key research findings at the CAREC Think Tank Development Forum (CTTDF), and develop a policy brief, article, and/or blog entry to be published on the knowledge platforms of the CAREC Institute and its partners (e.g., CTTN blog, E-Learning Platform, and Development Asia).

Through this research and other associated activities, PMC Research will contribute to more informed decision-making processes and promote sustainable environmental practices across CAREC countries, ultimately advancing regional development and climate resilience.