Improving Interagency Communication of GoARA through Increased Capacity of GoARA PR/communication departments

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Management Systems International (MSI);



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Project Description:


The objective of the project was to improve, standardize and institutionalize internal as well as external PR/communications procedures, mechanisms and tools of GoARA agencies under the USAID Good Governance in Georgia project. PMCG, in association with Gepra, were closely cooperating with the Government of Autonomous Republic of Adjara (GoARA), including: GoARA Chairman’s Administration, four line ministries of Adjara and sub-agencies of GoARA to conduct analysis of PR/communications processes and procedures at GoARA, as well as to develop GoARA PR/communications policy document, develop a PR/Communications Manual for GoARA agencies, conduct PR/communications training for GoARA PR specialists and to provide direct on-the-job consultancy to GoARA PR specialists in implementing two PR/public outreach mechanisms such as: Stakeholder discussion and public discussion.

PMCG implemented the following services:

  • Developed an analytical report on current GoARA PR/communications processes and procedures as well as PR/communications mechanisms and tools
  • Developed a policy document outlining GoARA internal and external PR/communication principles
  • Conducted round-table discussion with the GoARA Senior Managers, GoARA PR and Media Communications Department and GoARA Agencies’ PR staff to discuss findings of the analysis conducted; Presentation and participant materials developed. GoARA PR/communication document agreed with GoARA senior managers
  • Developed GoARA PR/communications manual
  • Developed 3-day PR/communication training for up to 20 GoARA PR staff
  • Conducted two GoARA PR/public outreach events
  • Provided on-the-job consultations to GoARA PR specialists.

Background information:


The USAID Good Governance in Georgia (G3) Program was tasked with improving transparency, accountability and institutional efficiency at all levels of government in providing better services to citizens, as well as improving communication channels between GoG institutions, stakeholders, civil society and citizens of Georgia.

The overarching goal of the G3 was to address challenges facing governance at the local and national levels as well as to promote broader citizen engagement with their elected officials, the media, civil society, and the members of political parties through establishment and maintenance of Centers for Civic Engagement (CCEs) throughout Georgia.

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