Good Governance Fund (GGF)

Project Client

Abt Associates;



Origin Of Funding

Department for International Development (DFID), Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO);

Start Date


End Date




The main objectives of the project are to reduce corruption, to promote transparent and accountable institutions, and to build open, inclusive economies and societies in Armenia and Georgia.

PMCG, as part of a consortium led by Abt Associates, will undertake the following activities:

  • Reform the regulation of the business environment and economic governance to align with international standards and promote broad-based economic growth and job creation, including through SME development and attraction of foreign direct investment;
  • Conduct institutional capacity-building to develop more effective governance, public administration and management of public finances, in order to make governments in target countries increasingly accountable and responsive to the needs of citizens;
  • Conduct anti-corruption measures and judicial reform to enhance the rule of law, reduce opportunities for corruption, and increase the capacity of countries to address corruption when it occurs;
  • Modernize key sectors (such as energy and banking), and reform state-owned enterprises to support the given country’s transition to become a market-driven and modern economy; and
  • Strengthen media and civil society to ensure that the public is able to engage in active, informed debate and to enable governments to effectively communicate the benefits of reforms to their citizens.

The initial Good Governance Fund (GGF), which spanned five years, was completed in 2019 and was highly successful in building stability, reducing poverty and increasing prosperity in the targeted countries. Encouraged by such positive results, the UK Government launched the second edition of the program, which is being implemented in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, and North Macedonia in order to boost regional economic prosperity and political stability through enhancing government institutions and civil society.