Georgia and Moldova’s Economic Development Strategies – Desk Research

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Georgia & Moldova;



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Government of Kyrgyzstan;

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Eastern Europe and Balkans;

Support local economic development in Kyrgyzstan. 

PMC Research researched the best practices for the formulation and implementation of the national economic development strategies of Georgia and Moldova since 1990, and studied the impact of these strategies on the countries’ economic growth and described the role of the government, parliament, and civil society in strategy development and implementation processes. The review was based on relevant reports, strategic papers, and interviews with key participants in the strategy formulation and implementation process. 

The key research findings for Georgia showed that, during the last ten years, economic development strategy was oriented toward economic growth and the simplification of conducting business in Georgia. The strategy was successful, reflected in economic growth and the improvement of Georgia’s positions in various international rankings. An additional outcome was the improvement in land, labor, capital, and product markets. The key research findings in Moldova showed that the reforms implemented during the last ten years have been moderate.