Facilitating Trade between Georgia and Kazakhstan

Project Client

Kazakh-Georgian Economic Union;




Origin Of Funding

Kazakh-Georgian Economic Union;

Start Date


End Date




Central Asia;

The project is commissioned by the Kazakh-Georgian Economic Union and aims to support the facilitation of trade between Georgia and Kazakhstan. With that purpose in mind, PMC Research is conducting research that entails the following:

  • An assessment of existing trade relations between the countries and identification of barriers in the market (e.g., transportation issues, tariffs, and customs procedures);
  • Analysis of modes of transport and trade routes used in trade between Georgia and Kazakhstan;
  • Picking out potential new products for trade, and analyzing the profitability;
  • Evaluation of Georgia’s potential as a transit hub for companies based in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries; and
  • The development of recommendations to be issued to relevant stakeholders from public and private sectors in Georgia, Kazakhstan, and other Central Asian countries, potentially including ports, railways, export-import companies, and shipping firms.

In addition, in contributing to the pursuit of the project objectives, PMC Reserach is partaking in the following activities:

  • Quantitative data analysis;
  • Desk research;
  • Conducting interviews with key individuals and analyzing answers;
  • Devising recommendations for relevant stakeholders; and
  • Drafting a final report.