Equity in Retirement: Analyzing Gender-based Pension Disparities in Georgia’s Public Sector

Project Client

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP);



Origin Of Funding

UK Government;

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The project aims to examine gender-based pension disparities in the Georgian public sector, and to inform decision-makers about the extent to which the law accommodates the long-term needs of both men and women as well as identifying and addressing persistent socio-economic inequalities.  

To accomplish the project objectives, the team is employing a mixed-method research design and is arranging several activities. One such activity involves desk research and performing statistical analysis. Furthermore, the team is holding a focus group discussion and developing a quantitative model for both the public and private sectors to measure the potential gender gap in pension wealth accumulation in Georgia. Upon the project’s conclusion, PMCG will produce the final report and hold a validation meeting.

Through these activities, the research team is identifying impactful variables within the pension system that could potentially result in prolonged gender-based disparities with respect to accumulating pension wealth. In addition, it is determining and measuring the gender gap in this regard too. Moreover, PMCG is devising actionable recommendations to mitigate gender-based disparities within the pension system in Georgia, with a specific emphasis on establishing tailored measures for civil servants.

The project is being conducted in the course of the second phase of the “Supporting Public Administration Reform in Georgia” initiative. The primary partner and beneficiary of the project is the Pension Agency of Georgia, which is responsible for developing recommendations to improve the pension system in the country.