Enhancing the Public Defender (Ombudsman) of Georgia’s Outreach Function

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Mendez England & Associates;



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Project Description:


The project is being implemented as part of the USAID/Georgia Human and Institutional Capacity Development 2020 Activity (HICD 2020), the aim of which is to assist the USAID Caucasus Mission in addressing its partner organizations’ administrative limitations and performance gaps that impede the effective implementation of all key reforms including those related to the EU-Georgia Association Agreement, the Open Government Action Plan, and civil service reform.

The main goal of this project is to strengthen the public outreach function of the Public Defender of Georgia (PDO).


During this program, PMCG’s team will closely cooperate with PDO and HICD staff and perform the following main tasks:

• Identify and specify the PDO’s expectations and align the team’s internal work plan and targets accordingly;
• Review the reports, documents or observations provided by the PDO as well as conduct in-depth interviews with PDO staff and relevant stakeholders;
• Assess communication procedures;
• Analyze key problems, constraints and performance gaps;
• Revise web and digital communication, and identify possible areas for improvement;
• Assess the capacity of human resources in charge of PR and communication functions;
• Identify the desired level of the PDO’s communication with the major stakeholders;
• Assess information systems including established IT solutions and platforms;
• Analyze all possible communication channels to identify the most efficient and effective tools in accordance with the target groups;
• Develop a communication channel matrix and map;
• Identify key communications topics;
• Develop communications strategy framework;
• Develop action plan framework; and
• Develop training modules on the communications strategy and action plan’s implementation, as well as on the application of PR/communications tools, techniques and methods, and deliver trainings on these topics accordingly.

As a result of these above-listed activities, the PDO will effectively communicate its activities and messages to the public. By doing so, the credibility of the PDO as the organization responsible for protecting human rights and freedoms in Georgia will be thoroughly enhanced.