Enhancing the Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center’s (EMC) Communication with the Public

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Mendez England and Associates;



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The project is being implemented as part of the USAID/Georgia Human and Institutional Capacity Development 2020 Activity (HICD 2020), aiming to assist the USAID Caucasus Mission in addressing its partner organizations’ administrative limitations and performance gaps that impede the effective implementation of all key reforms, including those related to the EU-Georgia Association Agreement, the Open Government Action Plan, and Civil Service Reform.​

The main objective of the program is to enhance the EMC’s communication with the public. Until now, it has been actively targeting problems considered highly important for Georgian society and to allow the EMC to pursue its mission more effectively, it is crucial to strengthen its public outreach function. Therefore, PMCG is supporting the EMC to achieve this through targeted interventions.

During this program, PMCG is closely cooperating with Project Development Objective and HICD staff and performing the following main tasks:

  • Identifying and specifying the EMC’s expectations and aligning the team’s internal work plan or assignment completion prospects accordingly;
  • Reviewing the reports, documents, or observations provided by the EMC as well as conducting in-depth interviews with EMC staff and relevant stakeholders;
  • Facilitating a strategic planning workshop and discussion on program strategies;
  • Assessing communication procedures, and analyzing key problems, constraints, and performance gaps;
  • Revising web and digital communication and identifying possible areas for improvement;
  • Assessing the capacity of human resources in charge of PR and communication functions;
  • Developing a communication channel matrix and map;
  • Highlighting key communication topics;
  • Developing a brand book of the organization​.