Developing Manual for NASP on Bankruptcy, Liquidation and Merger of SOES





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Project Description:


PMCG under the USAID- funded program Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI) provided assistance to the National Agency of State Property (NASP) and developed the manual for NASP on Bankruptcy, Liquidation and Merger of State Owned Enterprises (SOE). PMCG, together with NASP staff, developed a detailed manual describing the process NASP must followapply to conduct SOE’s merger, liquidation and bankruptcy procedures. PMCG also developed general policy and procedures framework to streamline these processes to simplify decision-making procedures.

In addition, the PMCG team provided on the job trainings for NASP staff in problematic issues related to the non-operational SOEs’ disposal.

The project was a follow-up activity of the PMCG’s assistance to the NASP which aimed at analyzing and streamlining the legal and procedural challenges hindering State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) with procedures linked to mergers, bankruptcy and liquidation.

Background information:

The Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI), funded by USAID, improved enterprise, industry, and country-level competitiveness in Georgia by identifying and targeting key external and internal factors to enhance the growth rates and productivity of enterprises in the economy, thereby enhancing the economic well-being of workers in the economy. EPI provided technical assistance, created market linkages, enhanced access to credit through grants, and assisted in strengthening agricultural policy.

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