Develop Investment Catalogue for Kutaisi and Batumi

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Tetra Tech ARD;



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The main goal of the project is to support Kutaisi and Batumi City Halls to develop investment catalogues in order to investments domestic and foreign direct investments in their respective municipalities.

In order to reach its objectives, PMCG, as part of a consortium led by Tetra Tech ARD, under USAID-funded program “Good Governance Initiative (GGI)”, will review investment opportunities of Kutaisi and Batumi municipalities, develop catalogues for investment opportunities of these municipalities, conduct SWOT analyses of capacities of them to attract investments, and will elaborate set of multi-dimensional recommendations.

More Specifically, PMCG will undertake the following activities:

  • Develop detailed work plan;
  • Develop methodology for preparation of the catalogues for Investment Opportunities of Batumi Municipality and Kutaisi Municipality;
  • Prepare comprehensive analytical reports on the investment potential of Batumi and Kutaisi Municipality;
  • List the investment opportunities based on priorities;
  • Develop investment catalogue;
  • Develop a report of SWOT analysis;
  • Elaborate set of recommendations for Kutaisi and Batumi City Halls to conduct effective promotional campaign of investment opportunities inside as well as outside of the country;
  • Elaborate final report summarizing all activities of assistance provided for Kutaisi and Batumi City Halls.

Ultimately, this project seeks to improve capacity to communicate and promote investment opportunities among internal as well as external investors.


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Develop Investment Catalogue for Kutaisi and Batumi