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In the course of the USAID Digital Economy and Market Development (DEMD) Activity, PMCG, as a subcontractor of Resonance, is conducting a regional digital economy country assessment (DECA) comparative analysis of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Furthermore, PMCG is also creating an animated video that will summarize the findings of this analysis.

In the process, the findings, recommendations, and crosscutting themes arising from the DECAs not only of Georgia but across selected countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia will be outlined, giving stakeholders a deeper understanding of the similarities and differences of/between these ecosystems.

Specifically, PMCG will lead a comparative analysis of country DECAs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. The focus here will be on the following three pillars: digital infrastructure; digital society, rights, and governance; and the digital economy.

Furthermore, crosscutting topics including cybersecurity, inclusion, emerging tech, and geopolitical positioning are also being examined.

During the analysis, the PMCG team is also conducting an extensive review of literature related to the selected DECAs, and will eventually produce a report to be published.

Thereafter, as noted above, PMCG, in collaboration with Kraken LLC, will prepare an animated video summary of its published DECA report, covering findings and recommendations under each pillar, as well as addressing crosscutting matters.

Here, PMCG’s team will coordinate various aspects including scripting and storyboarding, before ultimately producing an enlightening video lasting 2-3 minutes, in compliance with USAID style guidelines.

Overall, the analysis and video are expected to contribute to informing and prioritizing future digital development opportunities, improving responsible use of digital technology in USAID programming to boost humanitarian assistance, and strengthening the inclusiveness and security of national digital ecosystems.