Creating Incentives for Budget Reform: Enhancing Engagement of CSOs and Accountability Institutions for Budget Transparency and Accountability Case Study – Georgia

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Project Description:


The case study aimed to gain a better understanding of the role of different accountability actors in promoting budget transparency and accountability, about the ways in which they collaborate, and about the ongoing and potential role of external actors like GIZ and IBP or other development partners in providing support to reforms in this area.

The project aimed:

  • To study legal framework, institutional set-up and practice in Georgia regarding CSOs engagement in financial planning, budgeting and financial oversight processess
  • To assess level of policy dialogue among the Government and relevant CSOs and their contribution to PFM reform planning and implementation monitoring
  • To study interests of CSOs and accountability institutions, and trends in monitoring budget transparency and accountability
  • To explore whether civil engagement in budget transparency and accountability is in development partners‘ agenda and activities envisaged for strengthening cooperation between the Government and accountability actors/CSOs
  • To identify legal and instituional gaps and provide recommendations to GIZ on how to contribute to policy engagement and dialogue in financial transparency and accountability fields in a more efficient manner

Background information:

According to the latest research, CSOs and development agencies have played a role in incentivizing budget reforms and extending the scope for transparency and accountability. For this reason, GIZ and IBP commissioned case studies in 5 countries (El Salvador, Georgia, Indonesia, Kenya and South Africa) focusing on how accountability actors worked together and how development partners supported their work. For this purpose, the PMCG team consultants worked closely with GIZ and IBP in order to evaluate the operation and impact of CSOs on budget transparency and accountability in Georgia. The project examined relevant funded projects and also estimated the level of interaction between CSO/accountability institutions and development partners. The results of the research identified existing needs to enforce cooperation of CSOs and international partners in favor of budget transparency and accountability in the country.