Copy of Regional Development Strategy Context Analysis of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara

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Government of Autonomous Republic of Adjara (GOARA);



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Project Description:


The PMCG team is assisting the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Adjara in developing a process model of Regional Development Strategy (RDS) elaboration as well as gathering information for the RDS context analysis.

The team is developing a Context Analysis Report for each of the five major sectors: regional economy and infrastructure; education, culture and sports; environmen protection; agriculture; and social welfare and healthcare. More specifically, PMCG provides following services:

  1. Identifying the most suitable mechanisms of information management through networking with GoARA or MoFEA, identify the sources of various information or data utilized during the RDS development phase
  2. Accomplishing baseline data gathering in various sectors and developing a Baseline Analysis Report based on the information or data collected
  3. Accomplishing a thorough analysis of policy formulation practices or tools used by the GoARA line ministries and departments to develop their strategies or priority documents
  4. Assessing the personnel capacities within the MoFEA to coordinate participatory public strategy development interventions, align institutional strategic or operational plans with overall regional development strategies, and to develop action plans or performance monitoring instruments of the institutions
  5. Assessing capacities of designated (or potential) GoARA, MoFEA and other regional agencies’ respective units in terms of institutionalizing the RDS elaboration and implementation. This will involve identifying their readiness for refining and adapting to necessary regulations or laws
  6. Based on the findings of the assessment, developing a participatory model of RDS elaboration process, jointly with MoFEA

PMCG team will develop an Analytical Report and present its findings to GoARA/line ministry top-level managers. The report will outline specific recommendations as to the design, development and institutionalization of RDS coordination function within the region’s public sector.

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