Copy of Gender in Value Chain Analyses – Georgia

Start Date:
April, 2017
End Date: June, 2017
Region: Caucasus
Country: Georgia

The World Bank Group

Origin of Funding:

The World Bank Group



Project Description:


The project is focused on improving market access and competitiveness of female entrepreneurs in Georgia.

In order to achieve this objective, PMCG assesses the constraints on the participation of women in one priority value chain, particularly in the higher value-added segments of the chain.

The project team is working on the value chain selection process to choose three major value chains that have the potential to contribute to increased women empowerment and gender equality. In addition, the team will analyze the differences in power (positions) in the chain of governance and unveil opportunities for women to upgrade their positions.

Assessment results shall serve as analytical background for the World Bank Group to shape more effective project interventions that strengthen government capacity in designing gender-informed policies that promote equity and help to reduce poverty.

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