Case studies of policy responses with potential environmental benefits in Georgia in times of COVID-19

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The project follows the OECD report entitled “COVID-19 and Greening the Economies of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia” which analyzed measures related to COVID-19 in 11 EECCA (Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia) countries and assessed their potential to advance the transition to a greener, climate-resilient, and low-carbon economy. The aim of this project is to further develop a detailed report on cases of particular EECCA countries, namely Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. The chosen practices should represent medium- and long-term strategies that provide an opportunity to recover and develop in the times of the pandemic, with an emphasis on restoring economic growth and creating jobs. Documenting and disseminating examples of good practices can assist in accelerating their replication and can provide inspiration to other countries to also develop and apply additional measures.

PMC Research is undertaking the relevant research in Georgia through:

  • Mapping of good practices and relevant stakeholders for preliminary assessment;
  • Collecting information from desk research by assessing official documents and/or any relevant web sources;
  • Conducting in-depth interviews with officials and experts involved in selected case-studies; and
  • Compiling a detailed report on selected cases, highlighting their benefits in terms of environmental impact and economic growth potential.