Assistance to the Human Resources Department of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

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Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia;



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The objective of the project is to provide assistance to the Ministry of Education and Science in strengthening its Human Resources Management (HRM) capacity.The Ministry is currently in the process of developing its institutional HRM systems through the implementation of modern HR operations processes such as job analysis, competency matrices, performance appraisal system along with human resource e-system.

The PMCG team works closely with Ministry of Education and Science (MoES) and USAID’s Good Governance in Georgia (G3) program to improve HR operation systems and processes. In order to achieve the objectives of the project PMCG will provide the following:

  • Analysis of the MoES’s existing HR operation system, including detailed documentation of MoES’s HR processes related to job descriptions, needs identification, HRM operational manual, and overall HR policy;
  • Workshop with senior and middle-level managers of MoES to discuss assessment findings related to conducted analysis and discuss approaches on strengthening MoES’s HR operations in performance appraisal, competency measures and criteria, HRM e-system modules, employee training needs assessment and other areas deemed important to the Ministry;
  • Providecapacity development intervention to the HR Department and other MoES units responsible for human resource development. This would include tasks such as developing job descriptions, implementing performance appraisals, introducing a competency matrix, evaluating performance/promotion/motivation, and conducting a training needs assessment;
  • Develop performance appraisal system, including motivation systems (monetary & non-monetary) in line with Georgian legislation;
  • Introduce performance appraisal system in the three pilot divisions including HR, Accounting and PR divisions;
  • Present/discuss/agree on new performance monitoring and appraisal system with the senior managers of the agency;
  • Provide assistance to the MoES’s HR and IT department to determine ways of including performance appraisal and competency matrix and related human resource practices as part the HR software operation system;
  • Conduct on-the-job training and consultations to the HR department staffDevelop a performance monitoring and appraisal system application manual

The PMCG team works closely with the two pilot divisions (HR division, accounting division) of the Ministry to introduce proposed performance monitoring and appraisal system. A new performance monitoring and appraisal system will be agreed with the senior managers of the agency; Moreover, on-the-job trainings along with the manual will be delivered to the staff of the agency in order to adapt proposed recommendations into the practice.