Assessment of Regional Development Related Statistics in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region

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In August-October 2012, PMCG implemented the GIZ funded project “Four Sector Working Papers for the Samtskhe–Javakheti (SJ) Regional Development Strategy (RDS) Working Groups”, which aims to support SJ regional development Council Working Groups to collect information and prepare relevant developmental working documents in the following areas: (1) Regional Economy; (2) Agriculture; (3) Social Sector; and (4) Sustainable Natural Resource Management and Environment Protection. The working process was hindered by a lack of relevant and reliable statistical data and demonstrated the need to improve regional statistics. GIZ realizes that this need will become clearer, if not vital, in the process of RDS implementation process as the monitoring has to be based on reliable data sources; therefore it is important to have a clear picture of the current situation in terms of regional statistics on which the identification of possible solutions that will facilitate RDS implementation in the future are based. Accordingly, PMCG under the GIZ support started to evaluate Regional Development related statistics in SJ region. The purpose of this evaluation is to identify what kind of statistical data has to be produced by Geostat’s regional office (and other authorities) in SJ region to measure the progress of RDS implementation. The process for all other regions of Georgia, including data gathering, will be identical.

In order to support the development of adequate statistical data and an information-base for regional development in SJ, PMCG will:

  • Identify and list indicators which are necessary for the information-based elaboration of the regional development strategy of SJ and monitoring of the implementation / achievement of the objectives of the regional development strategy;
  • Analyze the availability of the necessary data and accordingly,
  • Make recommendations regarding the data collection.

As a result of the study, PMCG will develop the methodological design and analytical framework for the study. In addition, half-way through the project a mid-term report will be drafted as well. Finally, PMCG will produce an analytical report, which will provide an analytical overview of the legal framework, division of responsibilities and recommendations on the selected region.