Agriculture Development Project, ENPARD Adjara

Project Client

Ministry of Agriculture of Autonomous Republic of Adjara;



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Project Description:


The main goal of the project was to promote human and institutional capacity development of the ministry, to generate ministry staff opportunities to better serve the institution, operate its resources efficiently and be effective in the fulfillment of the ministry programs for the benefit of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. Major effort was made to provide support to the less developed mountainous areas of Adjara to ensure balanced economic growth of the region.

Within the framework of the project needs assessment was conducted which identified gaps blocking optimal performance of the ministry. On the basis of the conducted needs assessment priority areas for further interventions were identified. Accordingly, the following activities were planned: Value Chain and export/import data analyses; Capacity building in Policy Planning; Capacity building in target program development and program budgeting; Monitoring and Evaluation.

In this regard, the project team conducted training for the staff of MoA in VCA and Export-import Data analyze. As well as conducting VCA in the following three sectors is planned:

• Potatoes production,
• Trout, Honey production.

The project team conducted on-the job training to ensure sustainability and better understanding of the VCA techniques. Potato value chain study focused on storage and marketing of products including input supply, production, post-harvest handling, packaging and local distribution operations. Honey Export Market Feasibility Study was conducted from the DCFTA perspective including input supply, production, packaging, sales/export and food safety operations.

Additionally, Trout Market Potential was analyzed from the DCFTA perspective including genetic material, input supply, production, processing, sales/export and food safety operations. As a result of the studies policy papers were developed in line with target programs and program budget.