Advancing Kosovo Together

Project Client

Community Development Fund (CDF), Center for Peace and Tolerance (CPT), Kosovo Relief Development (KRD), AKTIV;



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Start Date


End Date



Eastern Europe and Balkans;

Project Description:

The USAID-funded Advancing Kosovo Together (AKT) program is a three-year activity aimed to increase constructive inter-ethnic cooperation and interaction, particularly between majority and minority populations, and represents a vital contribution to security and stability in the Balkans. The program is focused on fostering positive and constructive inter-ethnic cooperation between the majority and minority communities in addressing common problems of unemployment, social needs, and municipal services.

PMCG is being contracted by Chemonics under the framework of the program to support Community Development Fund (CDF), AKTIV, Center for Peace and Tolerance (CPT), and Kosovo Relief Development (KRD), organizations that have implemented the local solution component of the program by implementing the following activities:

  • Review previous CDF, CPT, KRD, and ACTIV Organizational Capacity Assessment results
  • Gather baseline data and facilitate an Organizational Capacity Assessment with CDF, identifying performance gaps
  • Establish new baseline measures
  • Specify goals and objectives for performance improvement with activities for March 2016 – February 2019
  • Define key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Finalize performance solutions package
  • Conduct a work structure breakdown
  • Determine resource requirements
  • Develop roles and responsibilities
  • Finalize detailed intervention work plan for the next year (March 2016-February 2017)
  • Establish a change management working group and processes through charter
  • Coach CDF employees during implementation of this scope so that it can be replicated by CDF with its sub-awardees
  • Review and provide comments to CDF’s work plan to implement this scope of work (OCA and performance solutions package) with CPT, KRD, and ACTIV
  • Support CDF’s initiation of OCA, performance solutions package, and intervention work planning that CDF may initiate during the period of performance for this scope of work

Background information:

The USAID Advancing Kosovo Together (AKT) is designed to facilitate constructive inter-ethnic cooperation and interaction between majority and minority communities which is vital for the security and stability of the region. The program takes a holistic approach towards the integration of minority populations into Kosovo’s institutions and society by partnering with municipalities and other Government partners to support the engagement of targeted communities.

In particular, the program works to improve conditions that enable ethnic minorities to actively engage in the workforce and Government of Kosovo (GoK) institutions while also preserving and protecting their unique cultural heritage. The program aims to accomplish this by:

  • Improving communication between majority and minority communities, and the GoK and minority communities, using small-scale infrastructure projects and other community-based initiatives
  • Improving economic opportunities in target municipalities through training, market research and small business grants
  • Increasing the capacity of target municipalities to respond to the needs of all of their citizens with training and technical assistance primarily in financial management and municipal planning
  • Building the capacity of host country organizations by leveraging local, cross-ethnic leadership to implement these same objectives